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The 3XOs - Sticky Post

I like sticky posts on legacies, so here’s one for mine :)

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The 3XO Legacy, generation 6.0

That’s itCollapse )

Warnings: Now with 50% more whoring around

The 3XO Legacy, gen 5.7

Angry chess is so much more badass than angry violin playingCollapse )

Warnings: well, college, do I need to say more? *sigh*

The 3XO Legacy, generation 5.6

When Onils try to build...

Hey there, sorry that there's no real update yet but we had another heat wave rolling over us. Today is rather chilly, I hope that's a sign for autumn-weather coming =D

Anyways, since I couldn't go without my game entirely and kinda wanted to build new stuff for my universtiy campus I decided to send the generation 5 kids to college after all (also to give me some more time to decide on a heir...). For that I built a new dorm last week. The dorm "rooms" are much too apartment-y and too spacious for students and making them dorms is kind of cheating but apartment buildings only have adults as tenants but I want some stupid dormies for my kids to get to know =)

So, why a whole post to tell about that? Well, I'm totally shite at building but this time created something I'm rather fond of (I hope it's all playable...) and wanted to show some pcitures (I really took a lot and had to delete sooo many >___<), so there wouldn't be ANOTHER lame-ass house tour once I have them move in but can rather link to here. Clever, isn't it? XD

The outside of the building. Thanks to the genius lot adjuster I could place three of the lots next to each other to make it appear a little row-house-y. Doesn't really work but I still like it (I so, soo, sooo love English architecture...did I mention that before? ^^° So - inspiration is obvious I guess).

More pics under the cutCollapse )

The 3XO Legacy, gen 5.5

MeowCollapse )

Warnings: 141 pictures, cat spawn =3

A little something

Woah, f**k it, I have to work today, it's Sommerfest at my school and out there's a huge dark summer storm going on out there....I have to leave in 20 minutes...AND MY RAIN JACKET LIES IN MY CAR OUT IN THE STREET >___< I hope the rain will stop soon....or else we have to cancel the school party and I got up early in the morning on a saturday for nothing.

Now, on to sims!Collapse )


yay, EPs

Oooooh, I just won an online-auction for Pets and Nightlife (super-cheap, too, if you consider what those still cost even in second-hand-shops here...). I can't wait for them to arrive =3

I just hope I won't kill off my game and/or computer with them...


3XO-Legacy gen 5.4

follow meCollapse )

Warnings: 140 pictures, language

Why I'm still single

Story of my life....

(reblogged from here)

Btw, I'm working on writing the next legacyc update right now (perhaps it'll even be two updates...)